Make Me Smile

The song Make Me Smile by Chicago will always bring me back to the 70’s, football and fall. It was one of the songs we played in our high school band and for some reason it popped into my head during my walk this morning. The thought of the song actually made me smile. Which inspired me to focus on what other things in my walk that would make me smile.

Here in no particular order is what made me smile, a cat crossing the road, a neighborhood park with swings, a road sign that read slow children at play (you hardly see those signs anymore), the American Flag flying from a pole, front porches, the sound of rustling leaves, the changing leaves, the angle of the sunlight and how it intensifies all the colors of fall, the sound of wind chymes, the feel of the cool air, geese flying in formation and the feeling of gratitude and the sensation of lightness I was getting just by noticing and smiling…

That’s what made me smile, now what makes you Smile?




Small Rewards

We all enjoy celebrating , whether it is an event like a birthday or anniversary, an accomplishment like a graduation or a new job — We also enjoy celebrating holidays and team victories. It may seem like a lot of celebrating but when you look at the whole year we don’t celebrate nearly enough.

Celebrating releases joy and who can be sad when your full of joy? For example; I’m very competitive with myself after losing 22lbs three years ago I make it a goal to weigh in at my annual physical at my goal weight – Today was the day and I did weigh in at 126lbs! So I celebrated with a vanilla cream donut and an ice coffee! It’s a small reward but one that I looked forward to, and it was soooo good!

I’ll be celebrating even more when I go for a power walk and I do 10 solid minutes of gratitude pronouncements (yes I walk and say what I’m grateful for out loud ). I do get an odd look now and again, but who cares?  I’m celebrating life and feeling the”joy, joy, joy down in my heart”.

So your mission today set a small goal and reward yourself, and do 10 minutes of gratitude pronouncements!