Remembering Uncle George…

Why the lyrics to Sir With Love are going through my head “how do you thank someone who took you from”(you know the rest) – I don’t know. That’s a lie I do know, another one of the few remaining people in my life that was there from my day one has passed — Uncle George.

My uncle was special to me in so many ways, I might as well tell everyone who’s left to hear (or read) I used to bite his toes when I was a baby. He and my aunt Madeline lived upstairs in my grandparents farm house while we lived down stairs until I was five or six. Then we were neighbors for a bunch of years after that. He would take me for rides in his pickup truck, go to the milk stores, talk baseball how he loved the Red Sox. When my father was sick with cancer he’d visit almost every morning for coffee. Yeah he was that kind of guy…

Brat, is what he’d call us, with the sparkle of his beautiful hazel eyes he was the ultimate teaser, joker and had the best laugh, he was the BRAT and we all loved that about him…

Time is an illusion one moment you’re twenty something and all the people you grew up loving are there and you think they’ll always be there – Then you blink and your fifty-something and there are fewer and fewer left and more are on the other side than here. Well today this side’s great loss is the other sides gain and I’m all out of uncles, at least they saved me the best for last…

Excuse my incoherent ramblings but  grief does that to you, it sneaks up shakes you and you go from past to present to future, from uncontrollable sobbing to laughter – A blubbering idiot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Richard Bach said it best in Jonathan Livingston Seagull, “Heaven isn’t a place or a time, because place and time are so very meaningless. Heaven is being perfect.” Uncle George you’re now perfect… Until we meet again…




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