Make Me Smile

The song Make Me Smile by Chicago will always bring me back to the 70’s, football and fall. It was one of the songs we played in our high school band and for some reason it popped into my head during my walk this morning. The thought of the song actually made me smile. Which inspired me to focus on what other things in my walk that would make me smile.

Here in no particular order is what made me smile, a cat crossing the road, a neighborhood park with swings, a road sign that read slow children at play (you hardly see those signs anymore), the American Flag flying from a pole, front porches, the sound of rustling leaves, the changing leaves, the angle of the sunlight and how it intensifies all the colors of fall, the sound of wind chymes, the feel of the cool air, geese flying in formation and the feeling of gratitude and the sensation of lightness I was getting just by noticing and smiling…

That’s what made me smile, now what makes you Smile?




The Art of No Thing

One month since my Kripalu retreat and ninety-five percent through with Pema Chodron’s Living Beautifully with Uncertanity and Change.  I find myself making significant strides in exiting from the “Rat Race” and entering the “Humane” race — I’ve maintained my early morning meditation and spiritual reading before jumping into the craziness of the world wide web. I’m sticking pretty close to getting to bed before 10:30. I rarely listen to the radio in the car anymore, and watch less television. I try to allow negative emotions only the 90 seconds they are recognized by the brain and then let them go. I’ve been pretty successful in avoiding the drama of others and I’m learning that doing nothing is a difficult practice.

The Art of No Thing is realizing that we don’t need to be productive twenty hours of the day, that reading, napping, walking or just sitting in silence are important “Tasks”. We need to rest the mind, body and spirit, not just through sleep, but in the practice of mindful rest.

This weekend I was practicing being present while picking black berries with my stepfather and reviewing all the vegetables in his garden. Spotting a hummingbird with my mother, while we did dishes together. Listening to an elderly neighbor relive her recent vacation while I carried her groceries. Watching my cats sleep. Not much of a weekend by the standards of many, no big journey, no adventure or entertainment — Just a lot of No Thing special. But it was all precious.

I have nothing to recommend. 


Free as a bird

Free as a bird



The universe as I see it is a giant mirror that reflex what ever we choose to see. For example happy people generally see good in life while the grumps of the world focus on what’s wrong (or their view of what’s wrong). Which is why when I practice being grateful for what ever pops into my life, like the 11cents I just found in the washer, the universe will offer more for me to be grateful — It may be 12 cents, a beautiful day, purrs from my cats or an unexpected email or phone call from a friend. 

I know it all sounds pollyanna and you’re probably thinking yeah but what happens when the “poop fairy” appears and life isn’t so great? First “Life is always great” the fact that we are here is a miracle. Secondly when challenges or “poop happens” it is an opportunity to learn and grow. This is why we are here. Life isn’t supposed to be perfect and wonderful all the time its just supposed to “BE” so why not be grateful?

That’s my 11cents worth, cheers,