Did you ever try to be angry, sad or upset while smiling?  Try it, go ahead put a great big smile on your face now think about something that pi+#es you off , how do you feel? It has been my experience that I don’t feel anything but happy when smiling — Which makes smiling one of my easiest and most accessible Tonics.

Let’s take yesterday for example, in any business (or aspect of our lives) there are bumps in the road; miscommunications from billing companies, a leak in a storage room or long meetings that get nothing accomplished. I find when I get caught up with why I should be upset with any of those things my focus is on finding more things to be upset about. However when I notice simple things like people’s generosity toward a charity raffle or 3 to 5 year olds having fun in a martial art class or going to work and seeing a giant TMNT painted on your window — You smile, you feel happy and joy.

Your mission today look for things that make you smile.





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