I know some of my friends and family are saying, “Another Blog” and to that I say, “Yes”. Actually this blog could’ve easily appeared on My Thoughts From The Run (self promoting) as the idea for this blog happened during my morning run.

Enough beating around the bush, I’m writing this blog for the following reasons; I need a place to write uplifting and inspiring thoughts, I’ve been reviewing Anthony Robbins Personal Power and Get the Edge programs and I’m inspired to inspire others. I’ve been challenged on Facebook to write three positive things a day for five days and I thought why only five? Finally I learn better if I write things down and I’m going through a spiritual and emotional  growth spurt and I want to retain what I learn and share it with you all.

The name of this blog is Gin’s Tonic, for those of you who know me you know I love word play – This is a non-alcoholic elixir that I hope lifts your spirits, makes you think, gives you hope, and gets you addicted to a life well lived!



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